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A short collection of shots taken at Daks over Duxford in June 2019 to commemorate the Normandy invasion, edited to bring their historical context to the fore.

It was last updated in Gallery Minimal on Fri Sep 23 2022 and is 6 pictures long.

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June Fifth – Sundown …
comment on Flickr … a stick of re-enactors prepares to board D-Day Doll, their transport for a demo jump at IWM Duxford. Daks over Duxford daksovernormandy,ddaysquadron,daksoverduxford,douglas,dakota,usaaf,skytrooper,9thairforce,c53d,ddaydoll,434thtcg,434thtroopcarriergroup,72ndtcs,72ndtroopcarriersquadron,4268830,monochrome,vintage,aircraft,cur,duxford,cambridgeshire,duxfordaerodrome,uk,cb22,commemorativeairforce,dday,reenactment,airshow,ixtroopcarriercommand,dday75 CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
H Minus Six …
comment on Flickr … band of re-enactors, boarding their Skytrooper transport before an – eventually cancelled – commemorative jump at Duxford Aerodrome. Daks over Duxford caf,commemorativeairforce,daksovernormandy,ddaysquadron,daksoverduxford,dday,uk,duxford,cambridgeshire,cb22,duxfordaerodrome,vintage,reenactment,aircraft,douglas,skytrooper,c53d,dakota,airshow,dday75 CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Ready to Roll …
comment on Flickr … Skytrains are starting their taxi roll, on their way to Normandy for the 75th D-Day celebrations. The aircraft on the right has had quite a busy life. She was part of the first few batches delivered by Douglas to the Army Air Corp in 1941, and saw action in Africa and the Middle East during the war. She was sold to France in 1945 and operated by the French Air Force till the mid sixties. In 1967, she was sold again to Israel and operated by the Israeli Defence Force till finally retired in 1995. Since then, she’s been a favourite at air shows all over the US and made the trip to Europe for the 75th D-Day anniversary celebrations. For the occasion, she wears the livery of 43-15087, a C-47A which dropped part of 3rd battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry in Normandy in the early hours of June 6th. Daks over Duxford 101stairbornedivision,usaaf,9thairforce,ixcarriercommand,440thtcg,440thtroopcarriergroup,95thtcs,95thtroopcarriersquadron,airshow,dday75,vintage,monochrome,aircraft,uk,cb22,cambridgeshire,duxford,duxfordaerodrome,daksovernormandy,daksoverduxford,dakota,4315087,n150d,skytrain,c47,douglas CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Lining up for D-Day …
comment on Flickr … That’s All Brother, D-Day Doll and Betsy’s Biscuit Bomber taxi to the main runway at Duxford before a mass parachute drop demo. Daks over Duxford uk,duxford,douglas,skytrain,caf,cambridgeshire,c47,commemorativeairforce,skytrooper,c47a,c53d,cb22,ddaydoll,duxfordaerodrome,daksovernormandy,that’sallbrother,ddaysquadron,betsy’sbiscuitbomber,daksoverduxford,4292847,4268830,4348608,monochrome,vintage,aircraft,dakota,airshow,dday75 CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Next Stop Normandy …
comment on Flickr … That’s All Brother, a Douglas Skytrain, is about to take off from Duxford Aerodrome with airborne re-enactors on board. Incredibly, this same aircraft managed to take part in all 4 major airborne operations in the European theatre, dropping paratroopers over Normandy on the first night of Overlord, over Provence during operation Dragoon, over Holland during Market-Garden, and over the Rhine near Wesel, Germany for operation Varsity. She is still flying today, in her 1944 D-Day livery. Daks over Duxford uk,duxford,caf,cambridgeshire,commemorativeairforce,cb22,duxfordaerodrome,daksovernormandy,ddaysquadron,daksoverduxford,skytrain,dakota,douglas,c47a,4292847,438thtcg,87thtroopcarriersquadron,438thtroopcarriergroup,87thtcs,usaaf,9thairforce,ixtroopcarriercommand,monochrome,vintage,aircraft,airshow,dday75,that’sallbrother CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
D-Day Doll
comment on Flickr Daks over Duxford douglas,skytrooper,c53d,n45366,4268830,cur,ddaydoll,72ndtcs,72ndtroopcarriersquadron,434thtcg,434thtroopcarriergroup,usaaf,9thairforce,ixtroopcarriercommand,uk,vintage,aircraft,duxford,dakota,cambridgeshire,cb22,duxfordaerodrome,dday75,daksovernormandy,daksoverduxford,caf,commemorativeairforce CC BY-NC-ND 2.0