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New End Primary School: former Victorian hospital.
comment on Flickr Shot with 7.98 / 56mm Moment Tele Lens. bw,vintage,hospital,school,building,architecture,uk,nw3,london,hampstead,murrayterrace,newendprimaryschool,monochrome,shotoniphone CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
The Bund not quite as it was …
comment on Flickr … Processed from a shot my brother took a couple of weeks ago while in Shanghai. zhongshanroad,landscape,urban,landmark,building,architecture,reflection,façade,rain,shànghǎi,wàitān,customhouse,hsbcbuilding,russelcobuilding,greatnortherntelegraphbuilding,china,shanghai,thebund,monochrome,shotoniphone All Rights Reserved
Once the voice of freedom …
comment on Flickr … Broadcasting House. Most of the BBC programs directed at occupied Europe were recorded here. Shot with 18mm Moment wide lens portlandplace,bw,vintage,1940,building,architecture,uk,w1c,london,langhamplace,broadcastinghouse,monochrome,shotoniphone CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Sentries are gone. Sandbags too …
comment on Flickr … HQ, Free French Forces — July 1940 Shot with 7.98 / 56mm Moment Tele Lens vintage,bw,july1940,charlesdegaulle,freefrance,freefrenchforces,hq,uk,w1c,london,4carltongardens,monochrome CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Rommel has left
comment on Flickr Processed from a picture shot at La Roche-Guyon Castle yesterday by my brother. bw,erwinrommel,95780,france,landscape,history,retro,vintage,june1944,castle,larocheguyon,monochrome,shotoniphone CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
De Gaulle’s Refuge
comment on Flickr Shot with 7.98 / 56mm Moment Tele Lens freefrench,october1942,charlesdegaulle,uk,nw3,london,hampstead,99frognal,stdorothysconvent CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Atmosphère anyone ?
comment on Flickr Shot with a very wet 7.98 / 56mm Moment Tele Lens hotel,building,marcelcarné,film,vintage,nb,arletty,france,paris,75010,quaidejemmapes,hôteldunord,monochrome,shotoniphone CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
The North Star circa 1850
comment on Flickr vintage,monochrome,pub,building,uk,nw3,london,hampstead,finchleyroad,thenorthstar CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
161 Piccadilly – detail …
comment on Flickr … 1907 corporate offices of the Royal Insurance Company. architecture,building,johnjamesjoass,johnbelcher,1907,royalinsurancecompany,uk,w1j,london,stjames,161piccadilly CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
RAF Hendon: HT–H is in trouble …
comment on Flickr … HT-H is a replica Spitfire IX wearing the markings of a 601 Squadron Spitfire XVI based at RAF Hendon during the war. It’s now serving as RAF Museum’s gate guardian. A little creative processing in Snapseed places it back in context :-) spitfire,tb288,hth,vintage,monochrome,uk,nw9,london,colindale,grahameparkway,rafmuseum,hendonaerodrome,gateguardian,replica,spitfireix CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Any landing you can walk away from …
comment on Flickr … that is a good landing. HT-H – a replica Spitfire IX installed as the RAF Museum’s gate guardian – is wearing the markings of 601 Squadron, based at RAF Hendon during the war. crashlanding,trees,gateguardian,monochrome,spitfire,vintage,uk,nw9,london,colindale,grahameparkway,rafmuseum,hendonaerodrome,replica,spitfireix,hth,tb288 CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Rue Norvins
comment on Flickr shotoniphone,monochrome,urbanlandscape,vintage,france,75018,montmartre,leconsulat,ruenorvins CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Fortress in the Sky …
comment on Flickr … Boing B17G Flying Fortress, in the livery of 332nd Squadron, 94th Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force, USAAF, operating out of RAF Bury St. Edmunds from 1944 in support of the strategic bombing campaign against Germany. shotoniphone,bomber,aircraft,vintage,uk,nw9,london,colindale,grahameparkway,hendonaerodrome,rafmuseum,usarmyairforce,usaaf,8thairforce,3rdairdivision,94thbombardmentgroupheavy,332ndbombardmentsquadron,4483868,77233,flyingfortress,b17g,boing CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
HMS Belfast circa 2019
comment on Flickr monochrome,retro,vintage,uk,se1,london,southwark,thequeen’swalk,hmsbelfast CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
comment on Flickr 45390,shotoniphone,retro,monochrome,france,loiret,puiseaux,ruesaintjacques,vintage,car,tractionavant,citroen CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
RAF Hornchurch – Officers Quarters …
comment on Flickr … the building still stands today on Astra Close, but all the flats are privately owned. shotoniphone,building,monochrome,vintage,uk,rm12,london,havering,hornchurch,astraclose,officersquarters CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Sheltering …
comment on Flickr … fortunately it’s only from the inclement elements :-) In 1940, it could have been from exploding ordnance or burning avgas. A view from the last surviving E pen dispersal at RAF Hornchurch. shotoniphone,shelter,epen,dispersal,monochrome,vintage,uk,rm12,london,hornchurch,hornchurchcountrypark,rafhornchurch CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Air Raid On …
comment on Flickr ... dive into the Tett turret and start firing skywards :-) From what can still be seen around the perimeter of RAF Hornchurch, Tett turrets were glorified manholes, kept more or less dry and more or less protected by a rotating (when operational) concrete open top. They offered very limited protection against schrapnel and blast. shotoniphone,landscape,monochrome,vintage,uk,rm12,london,havering,hornchurch,hornchurchcountrypark,rafhornchurch,tettturret CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Rue Léon Jouhaud
comment on Flickr streetphotography,shotoniphone,urbanlandscape,building,vintage,france,paris,75010,canalsaintmartin,rueléonjouhaud CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Halle de Puiseaux …as it ever was …
comment on Flickr … This hall has been sheltering markets more or less non stop since the XVth Century. retro,loiret,shotoniphone,markethall,monochrome,vintage,france,puiseaux,45390,placedumartroi,halle CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Sharkmouth at dawn …
comment on Flickr … March 1945: GA-S, Lt. Blanchford’s Mustang IV sits on the flight line of No. 112 Squadron, RAF in Lavariano, Italy. Well, not quite actually. This North American P-51D Mustang was built in 1944 for the USAAF but never saw combat. After a brief service with the RCAF, it was sold to a number of private individuals and organisations. It currently flies from Duxford with the Flying Legends. 4411602,kh774,112squadron,raf,sharksquadron,gas,aircraft,monochrome,vintage,iwmduxford,uk,cb22,cambridge,duxford,duxfordaerodrome,flyinglegends,mustang,p51d,northamerican CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
May 1943, Memphis Belle at RAF Bassingbourn …
comment on Flickr … Well, not quite :-) The real Memphis Belle, 41-24485, a B-17F, became one of the first USAAF bomber to accomplish a full tour of 25 missions over occupied Europe with 8th Air Force and flew back to the US for a war bonds tour. After almost 10 years of restoration, she’s on display at the USAF National Museum near Dayton, Ohio. This B-17G nicknamed Sally B, 44-85784, never saw action during the war and ended up flying photographic survey missions for the French Institut Géographique National, a much more peaceful endeavour. She is now part of the IWM Duxford collection and a favourite of air shows and memorial flights all over Europe. Her port side shows the markings of Memphis Belle as she was part of the cast of the eponymous 1990 movie by Michael Caton-Jones. shotoniphone,monochrome,vintage,uk,cb22,cambridge,duxford,duxfordaerodrome,iwmduxford,4485784,sallyb,b17g,memphisbelle,flyingfortress,b17,boing,aircraft CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Feb. 1945: Miss Pick Up at RAF Halesworth …
comment on Flickr … Miss Pick Up was a Canadian Vickers OA-10A Catalina flying SAR missions with 8th Air Force’s 5th Emergency Rescue Squadron out of Halesworth, Suffolk. The current version started life as a Canso A delivered to the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1943. After the war, it saw service in a number of civil and peaceful operations, including flying survey and firefighting missions for the French Protection Civile, before turning to memorial flights in its new livery out of IWM Duxford. shotoniphone,monochrome,vintage,aircraft,amphibian,uk,cb22,cambridgeshire,duxford,duxfordaerodrome,gpbya,rcaf,11005,cv283,usaaf,8thairforce,5thers,4433915,catalina,oa10a,cansoa,canadianvickers CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
200,000 spectatores …
comment on Flickr … that’s the size of the public at the Circus Maximus when cart races were on. Safety regulations were a bit different then :-) When in Rome ruins,ancientrome,antiquity,roman,vintage,italy,rome,italia,00186,roma,circusmaximus,circomassimo CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Farewell to the Palatine
comment on Flickr When in Rome ancientrome,antiquity,roman,ruins,vintage,monochrome,italy,rome,italia,00186,roma,palatinehill,palatino CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
June Fifth …
comment on Flickr … a stick of re-enactors prepares to board D-Day Doll, their transport for a demo jump at IWM Duxford. Daks over Duxford daksovernormandy,ddaysquadron,daksoverduxford,douglas,dakota,usaaf,skytrooper,9thairforce,c53d,ddaydoll,434thtcg,434thtroopcarriergroup,72ndtcs,72ndtroopcarriersquadron,4268830,monochrome,vintage,aircraft,cur,duxford,cambridgeshire,duxfordaerodrome,uk,cb22,commemorativeairforce,dday,reenactment,airshow,ixtroopcarriercommand CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
H Minus Six …
comment on Flickr … band of re-enactors, boarding their Skytrooper transport before an – eventually cancelled – demo jump at Duxford Aerodrome. Daks over Duxford caf,commemorativeairforce,daksovernormandy,ddaysquadron,daksoverduxford,dday,uk,duxford,cambridgeshire,cb22,duxfordaerodrome,vintage,reenactment,aircraft,douglas,skytrooper,c53d,dakota,airshow CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Lining up for D-Day …
comment on Flickr … That’s All Brother, D-Day Doll and Betsy’s Biscuit Bomber taxi to the main runway at Duxford before a mass parachute drop demo. Daks over Duxford uk,duxford,douglas,skytrain,caf,cambridgeshire,c47,commemorativeairforce,skytrooper,c47a,c53d,cb22,ddaydoll,duxfordaerodrome,daksovernormandy,that’sallbrother,ddaysquadron,betsy’sbiscuitbomber,daksoverduxford,4292847,4268830,4348608,monochrome,vintage,aircraft,dakota,airshow CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Next Stop Normandy …
comment on Flickr … That’s All Brother, a Douglas Skytrain, is about to take off from Duxford Aerodrome with airborne re-enactors on board. Incredibly, this same aircraft managed to take part in all 4 major airborne operations in the European theatre, dropping paratroopers over Normandy on the first night of Overlord, over Provence during operation Dragoon, over Holland during Market-Garden, and over the Rhine near Wesel, Germany for operation Varsity. She is still flying today, in her 1944 D-Day livery. Daks over Duxford uk,duxford,caf,cambridgeshire,commemorativeairforce,cb22,duxfordaerodrome,daksovernormandy,ddaysquadron,daksoverduxford,skytrain,dakota,douglas,c47a,4292847,438thtcg,87thtroopcarriersquadron,438thtroopcarriergroup,87thtcs,usaaf,9thairforce,ixtroopcarriercommand,monochrome,vintage,aircraft,airshow CC BY-NC-ND 2.0