Family Portraits

We are apes. So are they. We have moods, we have feelings. So do they. It's obvious in these wonderful portraits. It's reflected in their eyes. Yet, we hold them captive. Look at them long enough, you start wondering if they would do the same...

Family Portraits features photos from Christian Meermann, with strong support from Vanessa Schmidt-Dohrmann, Corinne Guegan, Claus Gaser, Chet Kresiak, Life, love & lensuality, Kerstin Molthagen and John Hall, all published on Flickr.

It was last updated in Gallery Minimal on Sun Apr 10 2022 and is 24 pictures long.

All photographs in this gallery are protected by copyright, © all rights reserved by their authors, and thus may not be downloaded, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any mean without the photographer's express written permission.

Enjoy your visit!


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Bad Attitude
comment on Flickr Berlin, Germany, 2019. There‘s more on zooberlin,tamron,deutschland,nikon,gorilla,menschenaffe,hochformat,photoshop,affen,tiere,150600mmf5063,berlin,wildlife,d7100,silverefexpro2,portrait,lightroom,schwarzweis,germany,porträt,blackwhite,bw,monochrome,portraitformat,sw,wpdanimals All Rights Reserved
One last look
comment on Flickr "Gorillas live in family groups of usually 5 to 10, but sometimes two to more than 50, led by a dominant male who holds his position for years. Females become sexually mature around seven or eight years old but don’t begin to breed until a couple of years later. Males mature at an even greater age. Once a female begins to breed, she’ll likely give birth to only one baby every four to six years, and only three or four over her entire lifetime. This low rate of reproduction makes it difficult for gorillas to recover from population declines. Both gorilla species have been decreasing in numbers for decades, and a 2010 United Nations report suggests that they may disappear from large parts of the Congo Basin by the mid-2020s." Read more interesting and alarming information on Gorillas on the WWF's website. Enjoy! Blog500pxGoogle+@Christian_TTVElloFacebook portrait,bw,nature,monochrome,tiere,blackwhite,nikon,gorilla,natur,porträt,ape,sw,nikkor,lowkey,affen,facebook,lightroom,70300,menschenaffe,schwarzweis,querformat,landscapeformat,d7100,silverefexpro2 All Rights Reserved
Olympus OMD E-M5 Mark II + G.Vario 100-300mm
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the look
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Westlicher Flachlandgorilla; "B/W-facial expression IV"
comment on Flickr Allwetterzoo Münster All Rights Reserved
Motherly Love, Pt. 2
comment on Flickr This shot is quite similar to another shot I posted a short while ago. This one, however, features a fascinating eye contact. Enjoy Blog500pxGoogle+@Christian_TTVEllo Facebook bw,baby,monochrome,mammal,zoo,monkey,blackwhite,kid,nikon,child,gorilla,kind,ape,sw,nikkor,tierpark,schwarzweiss,burgerszoo,affe,70300,menschenaffe,säugetier,d80 All Rights Reserved
Western lowland gorilla, The Columbus Zoo, Ohio, 3/1/20
comment on Flickr Photo by Chet Kresiak All Rights Reserved
Female Gorilla
comment on Flickr Duisburg, Germany, 2020. There's more on Enjoy! headshots,lowkey,portrait,z6,nikon,gorilla,quadratisch,menschenaffe,tiere,wildlife,150600mmf5063g2,photoshop,silverefexpro2,affen,lightroom,schwarzweis,porträt,blackwhite,blackandwhite,bw,monochrom,monochrome,squareformat,sw,duisburg,northrhinewestphalia,germany All Rights Reserved
Out of darkness
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Kombote (Wilhelma)
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Little Chimp
comment on Flickr There's more on Blog500pxGoogle+@Christian_TTVElloFacebook portrait,germany,de,tiere,nikon,highkey,gelsenkirchen,nordrheinwestfalen,affen,lightroom,schimpanse,schwarzweis,querformat,d7100,silverefexpro2 All Rights Reserved
Little Chimp
comment on Flickr There's more on, especially my "Apes and Monkeys" gallery. lowkey,tamron,nikon,d7100,quadratisch,portrait,schimpanse,lightroom,silverefexpro2,photoshop,schwarzweis,affen,tiere,150600mmf5063,porträt,blackwhite,bw,monochrome,squareformat,sw,gelsenkirchen,nordrheinwestfalen,germany,de All Rights Reserved
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comment on Flickr A bloody rhinitis got hold of me and I am running out of presentable shots. I hope to get the problems solved until/on Sunday when I plan to visit a zoo with some FlickR friends (some of which I will meet in person for the first time then). Then I will also know what is more difficult: Shooting animal portraits with two 4-years-olds in tow or in the company of 6 or more photographers who are competing for the best position to take a picture. ;-) Best viewed on black, so please press 'L'. Enjoy! Blog500pxGoogle+@Christian_TTVElloFacebook portrait,bw,square,zoo,monkey,blackwhite,eyes,hands,nikon,chimp,porträt,squareformat,ape,sw,format,chimpanzee,augen,nikkor,tierpark,schwarzweiss,gelsenkirchen,hände,affe,quadratisch,70300,schimpanse,menschenaffe,d80,zoomerlebniswelt,specanimal All Rights Reserved
Out of darkness...again
comment on Flickr All Rights Reserved
I have seen it all before (Explored) (Thinkers Series, Pt. 1)
comment on Flickr A chimpanzee pondering his plans to conquer world domination. Shot in the tropical area of my local zoo. The light was bad, but at least the monkey sat quite still which helped a lot. When I hit the shutter button, I knew immediately that this was going to end up as black & white portrait. It's pretty dark but I hope you like it anyway. portrait,bw,animal,zoo,monkey,blackwhite,nikon,sw,chimpanzee,nikkor,schwarzweiss,gelsenkirchen,tier,affe,70300,schimpanse,d80,zoomerlebniswelt,porträt,doubleniceshot,mygearandme All Rights Reserved
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Thoughtful (Monochrome Version)
comment on Flickr It's hard to get an orang utan right in black & white. I did my best. What do you think? Enjoy! Blog500pxGoogle+@Christian_TTVElloGettyBuy prints 70300,affen,d7100,lightroom,lowkey,menschenaffe,nikkor,nikon,orangutan,photoshop,portrait,quadratisch,silverefexpro2,tiere,ape,monkey,animal,tuan All Rights Reserved
Mother and baby orangutan
comment on Flickr These animals never cease to amaze me and their intelligence shines through their eyes. Although this particular photo suggests that the baby is happy to be cuddled by his mother the reality is that he stayed there for all of 1 second as he just wanted to play. No different to human nature really! All Rights Reserved
comment on Flickr For Bernd and Vivien who said that my photo stream needed more cheer. ;-) Enjoy! Blog500pxGoogle+@Christian_TTVEllo Facebook portrait,bw,monochrome,smile,animal,zoo,blackwhite,aperture,nikon,porträt,orangutan,ape,sw,nikkor,schwarzweiss,gelsenkirchen,tier,lächeln,70300,menschenaffe,zoomerlebniswelt,d7100,define2,silverefexpro2 All Rights Reserved
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Bonobo, The Columbus Zoo 10/21/20
comment on Flickr Photo by Chet Kresiak All Rights Reserved
Optimistic (Thinkers Series)
comment on Flickr Here's the next bonobo portrait that suffers from bad focus caused be the compound window in the zoo. Again, the facial expression is reason enough for me to post this image anyway. Enjoy! Blog500pxGoogle+@Christian_TTVEllo Facebook portrait,bw,nature,monochrome,tiere,blackwhite,aperture,nikon,flickr,natur,porträt,ape,sw,highkey,nikkor,schwarzweiss,bonobo,affe,menschenaffe,18135,querformat,landscapeformat,d7100,define2,silverefexpro2 All Rights Reserved