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Alain Canaque's Armenia

All photographs were taken between July 2016 and August 2017.

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Armenia / 2017
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,arménie,erevan,yerevan,iphone,bw All Rights Reserved
Arménie / 2017
comment on Flickr Ambassade de France : 14 juillet summicron 35 (v.3) Tri-X Rodinal 1+50 canaque,armenia,arménie,erevan,yerevan,analog,film,bw,35mm,ambassade,leica,m7 All Rights Reserved
Marseille / Saint-Antoine / 2023
comment on Flickr Église apostolique Arménienne, quartier Saint-Antoine Elmarit 28 ASPH Tri-X D-76 stock canaque,analog,armenia,arménie,église,church,saintantoine,marseille,film,35mm,leica,m42p,prêtre,father All Rights Reserved
Etchmiadzin / Armenia
comment on Flickr etchmiadzin,canaque,armenia,arménie,artsakh,analog,film,35mm,bw,leica,m7 All Rights Reserved
Dilijan / Arménie
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,arménie,dilijan,artsakh,analog,film,35mm,bw,leica,m7 All Rights Reserved
Marseille (today)
comment on Flickr canaque,artsakh,armenia,arménie,marseille,leica,dlux All Rights Reserved
Khor Virap
comment on Flickr canaque,khorvirap,monastery,armenia,arménie,analog,film,35mm,bw,leica,m7,artsakh All Rights Reserved
Նորավանք Noravank
comment on Flickr canaque,artsakh,armenia,arménie,noravank,film,analog,35mm,bw,leica,m7 All Rights Reserved
the loss of Artsakh
comment on Flickr canaque,artsakh,armenia,arménie,film,analog,35mm,bw,leica,m7 All Rights Reserved
Arménie - 2016
comment on Flickr canaque,film,bw,analog,leica,m7,road,armenia All Rights Reserved
Arménie — 2016
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,film,analog,bw,35mm,leica,m7,portrait All Rights Reserved
Armenie / 2016
comment on Flickr canaque,film,analog,35mm,bw,trix,leica,m7,armenia All Rights Reserved
Tsitsernakaberd hill, Yerevan / Armenia, 2017
comment on Flickr Every year on 24 April, the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, thousands of Armenians gather at the memorial to commemorate the victims of the genocide. The people who gather in Tsiternakaberd lay fresh flowers out of respect for all the people who died in the Armenian genocide. canaque,analog,film,35mm,armenia,yerevan,genocide,flowers,tsiternakaberd All Rights Reserved
24 avril. Mémorial du Génocide Arménien. Yerevan.
comment on Flickr canaque,film,35mm,trix,analog,leica,erevan,yerevan,genocide,memorial,m7 All Rights Reserved
Monastère de Geghard / Arménie, 2017
comment on Flickr canaque,film,35mm,analog,bw,leica,m7,armenia,arménie,geghard,monastery,monastère,cross,croix All Rights Reserved
Armenia, 2017
comment on Flickr canaque,35mm,film,analog,bw,leica,m7,hospital,head All Rights Reserved
Խոր Վիրապ
comment on Flickr The turkish border from Khor Virap monastery – Armenia, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,analog,35mm,khorvirap,monastery,monastère,leica,bw,border,film All Rights Reserved
Nur (Pomegranate), 2022
comment on Flickr 15 days already that the Latchin corridor, the only road to Artsakh, is closed by Azerbaïdjan!!!... This is now the world we live in : no rules.... Laws are trampled. Every nation has its national symbols and its own culture. One of the symbols of Armenian culture, the pomegranate, or Nur in Armenian, symbolizes fertility, abundance, and good fortune in Armenian mythology. In ancient Armenia, Nur also symbolized eternity. canaque,artsakh,karabakh,mobile,nur,pomegranate,latchin,corridor,armenia,arménie All Rights Reserved
Lac Sevan – Arménie, 2017
comment on Flickr canaque,sevan,lac,lake,armenia,arménie,film,analog,35mm,bw,leica,m7,frozen,gelé All Rights Reserved
Mayr Hayastan – Erevan, Armenia, 2016
comment on Flickr Mother Armenia (Armenian: Մայր Հայաստան Mayr Hayastan) is a female personification of Armenia. Her most public visual rendering is a monumental statue in Victory Park overlooking the capital city of Yerevan, Armenia. The Mother Armenia statue symbolises peace through strength. Its location on a hill overlooking Yerevan makes it look like a guardian of the Armenian capital. canaque,armenia,arménie,bw,analog,35,erevan,yerevan,mother,hayastan,mayrig,leica All Rights Reserved
Caucasus mountain – Armenia, 2016
comment on Flickr Watch it @ Gallery Minimal canaque,armenia,arménie,film,analog,35,mountain,caucase,bw,leica All Rights Reserved
Press / Tobacco shop – Erevan, Armenia, 2016
comment on Flickr Watch it @ Gallery Minimal canaque,armenia,arménie,film,analog,erevan,yerevan,leica,35,shop All Rights Reserved
Genocide Memorial – Erevan (Armenia) 2016
comment on Flickr It's all there.... Watch it @ Gallery Minimal armenia,canaque,arménie,erevan,yerevan,genocide,museum,film,35,analog,bw,leica,memorial All Rights Reserved
Etchmiadzin cathedral – Armenia, 2016.
comment on Flickr Stand by.... now, thousands of ennemy soldiers stands at the north and the south of Armenia, willing to take by force about 1/3 of the country, with the benediction of the "international community" which is actually doing business behind the curtain... on the back of Armenian, as always.... Watch it @ Gallery Minimal etchmiadzin,armenia,arménie,analog,bw,35,erevan,yerevan,leica,film,cathedral All Rights Reserved
Soviet era relics – Armenia, 2016.
comment on Flickr Unfinished resort along the Sevan lake, dating from the soviet era, but still standing! Watch it @ Gallery Minimal armenia,arménie,sevan,lac,lake,soviet,bw,analog,leica All Rights Reserved
Vendeuse de fleurs – Erevan (Arménie) 2017.
comment on Flickr Watch it @ Gallery Minimal canaque,armenia,arménie,analog,film,35,erevan,yerevan,flowers,fleurs All Rights Reserved
War again in Armenia starts Sept. 13 soon after midnight....
comment on Flickr " L'Arménie restait seule avec ses montagnes et ses rochers, sous son morceau de ciel, oublié du monde, sauf de ses ennemis. Mais qu'est-ce qu'ils nous veulent ? " (Le bateau sur la montagne – Kostan Zarian) Watch it @ Gallery Minimal canaque,armenia,arménie,analog,war,film,35,erevan All Rights Reserved
Wedding – Armenia, 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,analog,armenia,arménie,wedding,bw All Rights Reserved
UAZ – Erevan (Arménie) 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,film,bw,erevan,yerevan,armenia,arménie,analog,uaz All Rights Reserved
3 kilos – Arménie, 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,bw,armenia,arménie,analog,film All Rights Reserved
Le mémorial du génocide sous la neige – Erevan (Arménie) 2017.
comment on Flickr architectural photography canaque,armenia,arménie,bw,analog,film,erevan,memorial,genocide,neige,snow All Rights Reserved
Danse avec le vent – Lac Sevan (Arménie) 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,arménie,analog,bw,film,danse,dance All Rights Reserved
Le bateau sur la montagne – Lac Sevan (Arménie) 2017.
comment on Flickr Possibly the only one boat on the Sevan lake, at 2000 meter altitude. It is the second largest altitude lake in the world : 78 km long by 48 km wide. It takes a whole day to circle around... canaque,armenia,arménie,bw,analog,film,boat,bateau,montagne,zarian All Rights Reserved
Vallée de la rivière Kasakh – Saghmosavank (Arménie) 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,arménie,bw,film,analog,saghmosavank,kasakh All Rights Reserved
Anush barber shop – Gyumri (Armenia) 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,arménie,analog,bw,film,gyumri,barbershop,anush All Rights Reserved
After the wedding (2) – Gyumri (Armenia) 2017.
comment on Flickr Après la cérémonie du mariage. canaque,armenia,arménie,analog,film,gyumri,wedding All Rights Reserved
Erevan (Arménie) 2016.
comment on Flickr canaque,bw,armenia,arménie,analog,film,erevan,yerevan All Rights Reserved
Entrée du monastère de Khor virap – Arménie, 2017.
comment on Flickr From Khor Virap, it’s actually possible to look out over four countries at once: Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Iran. canaque,armenia,arménie,bw,film,analog,khorvirap,ararat All Rights Reserved
Dry snow – Erevan (Arménie) 2017
comment on Flickr Même avec des températures proches, voire en dessous de zéro, le linge est sec... comme le climat ! Even with temperatures close to or below zero, the laundry is dry... like the climate! – Armenia canaque,armenia,arménie,bw,film,erevan,yerevan,laundry,linge,snow All Rights Reserved
Le baptême – Etchmiadzin (Arménie) 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,arménie,bw,film,analog,etchmiadzin,baptême All Rights Reserved
La déclaration – Apnagyugh (Arménie) 2017.
comment on Flickr Love letters – Ափնագյուղ canaque,armenia,arménie,bw,film,analog,lovers All Rights Reserved
Triple instantané : un dimanche à la campagne – Dilijan (Arménie) 2016.
comment on Flickr Triple snapshot : a sunday at the countryside canaque,armenia,arménie,dilijan,bw,film All Rights Reserved
Le temple de Garni, dédié à Mythra (la déesse du soleil) – Arménie, 2016.
comment on Flickr Garni temple, dedicated to the sun goddess Mythra – Armenia architectural photography canaque,armenia,arménie,garni All Rights Reserved
Commémoration du Génocide Arménien – Erevan / 25 avril 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,erevan,armenia,arménie,commémoration,genocide All Rights Reserved
Entrée du métro – Erevan (Arménie) 2016
comment on Flickr Metro entrance canaque,erevan,armenia,arménie,bw,film,analog,umbrella,parapluie,summer All Rights Reserved
Sépulture de la famille Proshyan - Monastère de Geghard (Arménie) 2016
comment on Flickr Symbol of the Proshyans – a chain around the neck of two lions, linked to an eagle with a lamb in its claws. canaque,geghard,armenia,arménie,bw,film,analog All Rights Reserved
Le temps de l'insouciance (le monde d'avant) – Erevan (Arménie) 2016.
comment on Flickr The time of carelessness (the world before) – Armenia canaque,armenia,arménie,bw,film,analog,erevan,street All Rights Reserved
Entrée principale (vue de l'intérieur) de la cathédrale d'Etchmiadzin – Etchmiadzin (Arménie) 2016.
comment on Flickr the main entrance to the site of the Etchmiadzin Cathedral (interior view) canaque,etchmiadzin,armenia,arménie,bw,film,analog All Rights Reserved
Un dimanche à la campagne – Dilijan (Arménie) 2016.
comment on Flickr On a sunday afternoon – Armenia. canaque,armenia,arménie,dilijan,bw,film,chess,sunday,game All Rights Reserved
Conserves à l'horizon – Dilijan (Arménie) 2016.
comment on Flickr Kitchen table : on the manufacture of canned food – Armenia canaque,armenia,arménie,bw,film,canned,dilijan,kitchen,cuisine All Rights Reserved
Jardin d'été – Dilijan (Arménie) 2016
comment on Flickr Through the summer garden – Armenia. canaque,dilijan,summer,garden,hug,armenia,arménie,bw,film All Rights Reserved
Portrait assoifé – Erevan (Arménie) 2016.
comment on Flickr Thirsty portrait canaque,erevan,bw,street,armenia,arménie All Rights Reserved
I don't sleep at night it's a waste of time - Armenia, 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,arménie,bw,film All Rights Reserved
Gaz russe - Arménie, 2016.
comment on Flickr Russian gas - Dilijan (Armenia) canaque,armenia,arménie,gaz,gas,russian All Rights Reserved
At the end of the road... Geghard monastery – Arménie, 2017
comment on Flickr Geghard monastery is a medieval monastery located in Armenia's Kotayk province, deep within the Azat Valley, which was built directly out of an adjacent mountain. canaque,geghardavank,armenia,arménie,monastery,monastère,snow,neige All Rights Reserved
Voyage en dehors du temps - Arménie, 2016.
comment on Flickr Time travel canaque,armenia,arménie,time,travel,temps,street,bw,uaz,snow All Rights Reserved
Le sculpteur de Khachkar - Erevan, 2017.
comment on Flickr The Khachkar's sculptor, in a center city street shop - Armenia. canaque,armenia,arménie,khachkar,sculpteur,bw,erevan All Rights Reserved
Portrait sous la neige - Erevan, 2017.
comment on Flickr woman living outside on a bench, under the snow, with husband & kids canaque,armenia,arménie,snow,woman,erevan,yerevan,bw All Rights Reserved
Temple de la consomation – Arménie, 2016
comment on Flickr Outside Dalma Garden Mall - Yerevan canaque,armenia,arménie,lada,dalma,mall,parking All Rights Reserved
La balancoire et l'oiseau - Arménie, 2017.
comment on Flickr Water level arouse in the Sevan lake since they have stopped pumping it for the crops, after the fall of USSR canaque,armenia,arménie,sevan,lac,lake,water,game,balançoire,birds,oiseaux All Rights Reserved
Victory Park - Armenia, 2016.
comment on Flickr In this place stands Mayrig Hayastan (Mother Armenia) - Yerevan canaque,erevan,yerevan,armenia,arménie,hayastan,mayrig,victory,haghtanak All Rights Reserved
Khachkar - Erevan, 2017.
comment on Flickr The khachkar both stimulated and reflects the unique development of Armenian culture; it is one of the most characteristic symbols of Armenian identity canaque,khachkar,armenia,arménie,cross,croix All Rights Reserved
Les peintres du lac Sevan - Arménie, 2016.
comment on Flickr Painters at Sevan lake canaque,armenia,arménie,sevan,lac,lake,painter All Rights Reserved
Notre mémoire - Etchmiadzin, 2016.
comment on Flickr Our memory - Amenia 2016 canaque,etchmiadzin,armenia,arménie,mémoire,memory All Rights Reserved
Garni - Arménie, 2016.
comment on Flickr The Temple of Garni was constructed by Trdat I in the 1st century AD. The temple itself was built on top of an Urartian temple. So Trdat dedicated this temple to the sun goddess Mythra. That is why this temple is the true and unique masterpiece. Garni Temple is Armenia’s only Greco-Roman-style building. After the adoption of Christianity, it became the summer residence of Khosorovdukht, the sister of King Trdat III. It is one of the most ancient landmarks in Kotayk and whole Armenia which has survived since pagan period. canaque,armenia,arménie,garni,temple,mythra All Rights Reserved
Le train des enfants - Erevan, 2016.
comment on Flickr Children railway canaque,erevan,yerevan,armenia,arménie,children,train,railway All Rights Reserved
UAZ - Erevan, 2016.
comment on Flickr Russain car canaque,armenia,arménie,uaz,erevan,yerevan All Rights Reserved
L'arbre de Etchmiadzin - Arménie, 2016.
comment on Flickr Le tronc fait 5M de circonférence : cet arbre a environ 5 siècles..! canaque,armenia,arménie,etchmiadzin,arbre,tree All Rights Reserved
Gaz - Arménie, 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,arménie,gaz,gas,snow,neige All Rights Reserved
Paysage du Caucase - Arménie, 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,arménie,paysage,wired,landscape All Rights Reserved
La piscine de la "datcha" - Arménie, 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,piscine,pool,armenia,arménie,datcha All Rights Reserved
Face à face - Arménie, 2016.
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,arménie,erevan,yerevan,riot,manifestation,police,street All Rights Reserved
L'ours du Lac Sévan - Arménie, 2016.
comment on Flickr canaque,armenia,arménie,sevan,ours,bear All Rights Reserved
Wedding - Gyumri, 2017.
comment on Flickr LFI gallery canaque,gyumri,wedding,mariage,birds,oiseaux,armenia,arménie All Rights Reserved
1988 earthquake's aftermath
comment on Flickr Gyumri, 2017 canaque,gyumri,building,armenia,arménie,earthquake,street All Rights Reserved
8 et demi
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2016 canaque,armenia,arménie,horses All Rights Reserved
Armenia Republican Medical Center
comment on Flickr Erevan, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,erevan,yerevan,medical All Rights Reserved
The Butcher
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2016 canaque,armenia,arménie,dilijan,butcher All Rights Reserved
Pink Animal... in B&W
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2016 canaque,armenia,arménie,dilijan,animals All Rights Reserved
At the opera
comment on Flickr Yerevan, 2017. armenia,canaque,yerevan,opera,arménie,erevan All Rights Reserved
Kids drinking in the street,
comment on Flickr Yerevan, 2016. armenia,canaque,arménie,yerevan,erevan,water,drink,kids All Rights Reserved
The barber
comment on Flickr Gyumri, 2017 gyumri,canaque,armenia,arménie,barbershop,anush All Rights Reserved
Wedding at Gyumri
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,wedding,birds All Rights Reserved
comment on Flickr Yerevan, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,yerevan,clothes,building All Rights Reserved
Vegetable market
comment on Flickr Yerevan, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,vegetable All Rights Reserved
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,gyumri,birds,wedding All Rights Reserved
After the wedding
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,gyumri,church All Rights Reserved
baptism in Etchmiadzin
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,etchmiadzin All Rights Reserved
Frozen Lake Sevan
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,lake,sevan,ice,frozen All Rights Reserved
Geghard monastery
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,geghard,monastery,snow All Rights Reserved
old man memories
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2016 canaque,armenia,arménie,old All Rights Reserved
Genocide memorial, april 24th
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2017 france,armenia,arménie,canaque,flowers,memorial,genocide All Rights Reserved
The tree who wants to live
comment on Flickr Dilijan, 2016 canaque,armenia,arménie,dilijan,tree,arbre All Rights Reserved
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,church,saint All Rights Reserved
April 24th, Genocide memorial — Yerevan (Armenia) 2017
comment on Flickr Not only were Armenians who were in the Ottoman Army killed and their property confiscated, 300 leading Armenian officials and community leaders were arrested on April 24, 1915 to be executed later. This is why Armenians commemorate this great tragedy on April 24th every year. This day is generally known to be the start of the Armenian Genocide and what followed in the coming months and year was the systematic massacre of up to 1.5 million Armenians. The goal of the Ottoman Empire was to eliminate all Armenians. canaque,armenia,arménie,genocide,flowers All Rights Reserved
Garni Temple
comment on Flickr Armenia, 2016 canaque,arménie,armenia,garni All Rights Reserved