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Alain Canaque's Mobile Photography

Various snapshots taken with a mobile phone, since 2015.

It was last updated in Gallery Minimal on Fri Sep 30 2022 and is 28 pictures long.

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Watching the Pink Floyd – 2022
comment on Flickr canaque,mobile,floyd,pool,piscine,pink,birds,telephone All Rights Reserved
La gardienne du feu – Erevan (Arménie) 2017.
comment on Flickr This old lady takes care of the flamme at the Genocide memorial... removing ice & snow during winter time canaque,mobile,telephone,erevan,yerevan,armenia,arménie,memorial,genocide,fire,flamme All Rights Reserved
As de cœur – 2016
comment on Flickr ace of hearts canaque,mobile,telephone,ace,heart,cœur,leaf All Rights Reserved
The map – Nice (France) 2019.
comment on Flickr canaque,bw,nice,map All Rights Reserved
Long term parking – France, 2019.
comment on Flickr canaque,parking,bw,mobile All Rights Reserved
Sur rendez-vous – France, 2022.
comment on Flickr By appointment canaque,bw,mobile All Rights Reserved
Fabrication du pain… à l’ancienne..! - France, 2022.
comment on Flickr Boulangerie artisanale bien cachée des regards boulangerie,pain,mobile,canaque All Rights Reserved
Interlude Fleuri —2020
comment on Flickr flowers,canaque All Rights Reserved
Instantané à Gyumri (Arménie), 2017.
comment on Flickr Snapshot at Gyumri (Armenia) canaque,gyumri,armenia,arménie,portrait,street,mobile All Rights Reserved
La plage des surfeurs - Six-Fours (France), 2021.
comment on Flickr Surfer's spot at Bonnegrâce beach canaque,surfeur,plage,beach,bonnegrace All Rights Reserved
Clandestin - Erevan, 2017.
comment on Flickr canaque,clandestin,cat,chat All Rights Reserved
La vie des arbres... France, 2022.
comment on Flickr the life of trees canaque,tree,arbre,forêt,bw All Rights Reserved
Monastère de Noravank - Arménie, 2017.
comment on Flickr Noravank monastery canaque,noravank,monastère,armenia,arménie,girl,bw All Rights Reserved
Ouvrir les yeux ... en 2.022 - France, 2022.
comment on Flickr Opening the eyes... in 2.022 ffi,2022,canaque All Rights Reserved
Road ending - France, 2021.
comment on Flickr canaque,road,end All Rights Reserved
Landscape #857 - France, 2021.
comment on Flickr rouille,rust,fence,landscape,canaque,857 All Rights Reserved
Boar's club - France, 2021.
comment on Flickr canaque,boar All Rights Reserved
I love you mi love
comment on Flickr Yerevan, 2017 canaque,erevan,yerevan,armenia,arménie,love,graffiti,wall,painting All Rights Reserved
Oak tree 2021
comment on Flickr canaque,oak,tree All Rights Reserved
Alexey Brodovitch on photography - 1961
comment on Flickr BRODOVITCH ON PHOTOGRAPHY What is a good journalistic photograph ? I cannot say. A photograph is tied to his time - what is good today may be a cliche tomorrow. There a many so-called schools of photography but i really hate to put labels on things. Every photograph is really giving a visual personal report on something. Wether it’s Smirnoff’s vodka or the model Mercedes-Benz or some event on the street or something in the headlines, the problem of the photographer is to discover his own language, a visual ABC’s to explain this event. The photograph is not only a pictorial report ; it is also a psychological report. It represents the feelings and point of view of the intelligence behind the camera. Each day the audience for photographs sees hundreds of pictures of high technical quality. The public is being spoiled by good technical quality photographs in magazines, on television, in the movies, and they have become bored. The disease of our age is this boredom and a good photographer must successfully combat it. The only way to do this is by invention - by surprise. The quality of surprise, in our profession of graphic journalism, is our major capital. (in Popular Photography - December 1961 - Volume 49) canaque,brodovitch,popularphotography All Rights Reserved
Pink Animal
comment on Flickr Dilijan, 2016 canaque,dilijan,armenia,arménie,pig All Rights Reserved
Heavy loaded car
comment on Flickr Arménia, 2017 canaque,armenia,arménie,car,load,transport All Rights Reserved
fish tank walk
comment on Flickr Cannes, 2016 canaque,fish,cannes,fishtank All Rights Reserved
Smoke on the Highway...
comment on Flickr France, 2021 canaque,highway,smoke,road All Rights Reserved
comment on Flickr Esterel, 2020 canaque,tree,esterel All Rights Reserved
Wounded tree
comment on Flickr France, 2021 canaque,tree All Rights Reserved
comment on Flickr France, 2021 canaque,mask,masque,market,marché All Rights Reserved
comment on Flickr Lisboa, 2016. canaque,lisbon,kitchen,octopus All Rights Reserved