Gallery Minimal: Alain Canaque

About Alain Canaque

Alain is a French photographer who started his photographic career at an early age in Paris, working as an assistant in various advertising and fashion studios. After the electroshock he felt when buying Robert Frank's “The Americans”, he decided he was not made to work in a studio and began to photograph musicians, actors and other lonely characters he encountered during his night walks.

For more than twenty years, he led a double life as a cinema projectionist and photographer, escaping for long trips. A few photo workshops later, he focuses now on projects that are close to his heart, always giving himself a lot of time to tame the playing fields in which he operates. The last one is Armenia, staying there a whole year before the recent war of 2020, to explore the daily life of this twenty-six times thousand-year-old people (and still in the making).